“There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”1 A hush-hush gathering or confab is slowly developing at this unidentified Vancouver heritage house. I have infiltrated the house serving staff and I am deeply embedded, posing as a Bulgarian pastry chef/tennis instructor. Security is being provided by the Hell’s Angels and is extremely tight. Leaking information will be extremely dangerous, so please be patient with my garbled, sketchy and random reports. Richard Branson just arrived, in a charcoal gray 2015 Kia Soul, (very sneaky) and is currently delighting in one of my delicious bat spit and crème fraiche canapes. Further dispatches from here on will be labeled, “The secret project code named GNAY” and should be distributed on a need to know basis only. God speed.

1 Stephen Stills


December 05, 2016

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