Over his short career as an artist, Vincent Van Gogh painted at least a dozen still lifes featuring shoes. Now valued in the millions, they hang in prestigious museums around the world and serve as a metaphor for his (tragic) life as an artist. Only one artist before or since has depicted this subject more, and that artist, of course is GNAY. This small oil on canvas is thought to be GNAY’s first ever painting (circa 1988). It shows one of his (then) young daughters shoes, relaxing, after a hard day of running around the park. Why did GNAY portray only a single shoe? On this, art historians are mixed, but most experts believe this painting portends a lonely, and sometimes sad life for the humble but soon to be famous artist. This week I give you, “Life in my Shoes” – The life of GNAY (so far) as told through his shoe portraits.


November 14, 2016

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