When did “Sustainable Economic Growth” become the agreed upon goal of our society? It somehow has become a fundamental truth. We need more malls. We need more pipelines. We need more growth. Jobs, jobs, jobs! Q: Why do we need more jobs? A: So we can buy more stuff. Q: Why do we need more malls? A: they are the best place to buy more stuff! Q: Why do we need more stuff? A: Don’t be stupid – stuff makes you happy! GNAY has pondered (above, lower right) this Mobius strip of “growth is great” and is here to tell you, for the sake of your planet, it’s time to get off the economic treadmill. He recommends, “Sustainable Art Growth”. More viewing, more making. The next time you pass an art supply store, ask yourself, “What would GNAY do?”

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April 05, 2017

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