PLAYBOY: Yesterday you mentioned you have your own religion. Could you elaborate on that?

GNAY: CNN calls it a cult, but Trip Advisor lists it as the #1 fastest growing religion on the planet. Who are you gonna believe here?

PLAYBOY: Trip Advisor! Why do you think “GNAYtheism is the new Christianity”?

GNAY: Jesus was great, for his time, but he was all God, God, God and couldn’t paint worth a crap. I’m a little more well-rounded than Jesus and we have this great retrofitted English Bay oil tanker/chapel/bar/casino that keeps us relevant. Plus, our Wednesday night “Angels and Demons” (wings and wine) special has been a huge hit and has brought us many new parishioners.

PLAYBOY: Amen – sign me up!


July 13, 2017

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