Chapter 7: Pilgrimage (excerpt)

… drinking, painting, and more drinking! I can now see why the savages here revere this mystical Canadian painter as a god! His command of the brush is seconded only by his mastery of the bottle! … and his knowledge of art … GNAY says I must free myself from the shackles of “Impressionism”. Emulating nature had its time and place, but (GNAY says) I should incorporate more symbolism into my work. He thinks synthesizing what I see, with what I feel, into magical colourful compositions will set me apart from Monet, Pissarro et al. Brilliant! He seems to know exactly where I have been and where I am going. How does he do it? … and his Pina Coladas (yum yum) are to die for. Tonight, we …


January 04, 2018

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