Antiques Roadshow 2025

Fiona: Today the Antiques Roadshow goes plen air! Stanley Park is the venue and Vancouverites are flocking in with their hopeful treasures. Nigel Windsor, our “Old and New Masters” expert, is with a young couple from East Van who may have something of interest.

Nigel: Any idea where this piece came from?

Visitors: It’s been in the family for years. The story is: back in 2017 our father was walking down Main street where he encountered an artist painting in front of a small gallery. The artist joked, “are you here for the free painting lesson?” Our father declined but did purchase this painting on the spot.

Nigel: Well, that artist of course was GNAY, who struggling at the time, often painted outdoors to hopefully attract buyers. Although primarily a digital artist, GNAY did execute several acrylic paintings such as this one.

Visitors: We love it and it has been over our fireplace since 2020 when it came to us from our father’s estate.

Nigel: I hope it is well insured! GNAY’s Acrylic originals are highly valued by collectors, especially since his untimely and tragic death in a 2021 Paris tunnel car crash. They don’t come up for auction often, but I am comfortable valuing it at $3,700,000. Do you remember what your father paid?

Visitors: $1500, and GNAY even threw in a couple of free cards!

Nigel: I’m not surprised, he was a great artist and a great guy. Thanks for bringing it in.


August 04, 2017

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