Dinner with GNAY- week 3: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Point Roberts Washington, Just five minutes south of Playa del Naya (GNAY’s Pebble Hill Compound), was a favourite family camping spot. Even after the kids out grew it, many parents soldiered on, and I think it was because of my famous late night grilled cheese sandwiches. (They better be good) Don’t worry Guy, these are good. Best pan fried slowly, over an open fire, with a cold beer (or better yet, a small scotch – no water – two cubes) in hand. The network won’t let me build a camp fire here on the set, but nothing wrong with nipping at a small whiskey while I work. Guy, please pour me a couple of fingers while I set up. (PLEASE cook something!). Put a Kraft single* between two slices of Wonder Bread*. Butter the top and bottom and fry (like this) until golden brown. Yum, yum. Bon appetit!

*Official foods of and are also Ocean Wise a sustainable choice


January 31, 2018

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