SCENE 1: We meet the young GNAY and he’s clowning around with his buddies. Not a care in the world. Dabbling with mostly finger painting and paper mache the young artist occasionally breaks into song. “Hakuna Matata” comes to mind. Close the scene with some harsh criticism from a famous and popular local artist (great foreshadowing!) and a big production number featuring dancing paint brushes and tubes of paint.

SCENE 2: Now fully engaged in the world of art, GNAY/H. Jackman dances and sings his way through a series of trials and tribulations - gallery rejections, critical scorn, and self-doubt. But, tastes do change and the popular realist painter from the opening scene finds himself no longer relevant, while GNAY and his “whimsical but thought-provoking work” is gaining attention. Finale: With a flash mob of gallery patrons and curators signing “The Circle of Life”, GNAY ascends the art throne and is proclaimed “The Art King”! Roar. Close curtain.


October 03, 2017

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