CREASE CLINIC case study 266GN; Dr. C. G. Jung

Patient interview 13/09/17 (severe DID diagnosis)

Dr. Jung: It’s a beautiful morning Gary! Maybe you would like to set your easel up on the hospital grounds and paint?

Patient: Paint? I’m not here to paint I’m here to save your planet!

Dr. Jung: Am I speaking to GNAY, the stranded alien also known locally as, “The Man Who Fell to Earth?” (note: personality 17)

Patient: Yes, and if you earthlings don’t start looking after your environment, your planet will soon be uninhabitable for all but the super-rich.

Dr. Jung: Speaking of that, do you have any memory of being a Stock Broker and trying to get super-rich yourself? (note: patient here begins nervous tick)

Patient: “Big Daddy” (note: personality 3) is dead. He was fond of money and did consume a bit more than his fair share, but disgusted by the greed and waste of an industry out of control, left his investment career to peruse his passion for art.

Dr. Jung: And, for doing that the world thanks you, and you, and you…


September 13, 2017

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