3:00 AM; CSIS interrogation room B: GNAY sits handcuffed across from two officers. This small acrylic, on a hand stretched canvas, sits on a table between them.

Good Cop: Good morning Mr. GNAY, I love your work. We found this buried in your garage. Did you paint this?

GNAY: It looks familiar. I had a Still-Life period, about 20 years ago.

Bad Cop: Take a closer look scumbag! Officer jumps up and slams GNAY’s face onto the canvas. It looks a lot like a painting that went missing from the Van Gogh Museum three years ago.

GNAY: Upon closer inspection, it definitely is my work. A synthesis of styles. His chair and palette plus my…

Bad Cop: Cut the hippie art crap! Officer rubs GNAY’s now bleeding face on the rough canvas. I’ll ask you again – who painted this?

GNAY: trembling. Vincent van Gogh?

Bad Cop: Right answer, scumbag.

Good Cop: Could I have one of your business cards please?



October 17, 2017

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