The daily toil of being GNAY continued:

8:45 am -  Attack canvas – burnt umber (slash), paynes grey (dab), yellow ochre (scumble). 9:00 am – Take a well-deserved break! Small nip. (most people are just getting to their desks and I have already put in a solid half day of hard work!). 9:15 am – Study Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds (blog research, tedious but necessary). 10:30 am – fill flask and head downtown for “Vanity Fair” interview. Take transit – no limo for this humble worker bee! 11:30 am – crush interview (VF editorial staff decide to do a major feature on me!) Spontaneous, shirtless, photo shoot. 12:00 noon – celebratory two martini (old school) lunch. 2:00 pm – back to the studio for a hard-earned nip and a nap.


March 02, 2017

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