Late last night Mr. Audain’s lawyer assured me his client had nothing to do with my abduction and brainwashing. He also indicated (great news) his client will be purchasing several GNAY’s for his new gallery! Let’s move on. SUSPECT #3: Donald Trump. It’s no secret that “The Donald” loves my work and owns several originals including this early thought provoking piece. It’s also no secret that my Trump produced reality show, “Where in the Word is GNAY?”1, was a complete failure for me and his network. This is a secret: during the filming of that show, Mr. Trump patted me on the bum, several times, in a provocative, non-locker room kind of way. It would appear this presidential hopeful had plenty of reasons to “take out” GNAY.

1 - Art of the Day – August 12-19


October 20, 2016

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