As you prepare to enter the Van Gogh exhibit you are dressed in a blue painting smock, a straw hat, and a pipe with cheap tobacco is shoved in your mouth (match optional).

You enter a dark, dirt floored, room and are served boiled potatoes and gritty, but hot, tea. FLASH. Suddenly you are in a French “Night Café.” It’s late in the evening and you are joyfully sipping absinthe from a half empty bottle when you suddenly notice the blood on your smock and a “tingling” left ear. FLASH. You are now sitting on a painting stool in a golden wheat field as a noisy murder of crows circles overhead. You look to see what you are holding in your right hand. You expect to see a paint brush, but find a gun. BANG.

Thanks for coming – please ensure you have a safe ride home.


February 13, 2018

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