Confidential patient transcript (Paris 1901 – 1905) Patient P. Ruiz presents traumatic incident acute depression syndrome; Prognosis - not good. Radical treatment required.

PICASSO: Thank-you for seeing me doctor. I understand you are visiting from Canada?

Dr GNAY: Yes, I’m here on a painting holiday, but when I heard a fellow artist was in distress I immediately wanted to help.

PICASSO: Perhaps when I am better we can paint together? If that day ever comes. I am so depressed, I can barely get out of bed, let alone paint.

Dr GNAY: I hear that you are sad and I think some art therapy is in order. Instead of internalizing your sadness, I want you to paint it out. Use a lot of blue. I think you will find it very therapeutic. Also, don’t be afraid to have the odd beer.


Dr GNAY: Yes, it’s a radical new treatment I am pioneering in Canada. Very effective in cases like yours. Remember: It’s always noon somewhere!

PICASSO: Ha Ha! Thank-you doctor. I’m feeling better already!


January 16, 2018

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