Recap: This week I will be giving you some insite into my process as I finish this painting. Over the weekend I spent some time (3-4 hrs) fleshing out the buildings on the right. Now you can see the Sears Tower (no, that’s not the space needle) and the long-gone Woodward’s sign in the background. Both buildings are/were on the fringes of Gastown, but nowhere near where I have placed them. Also, you don’t see everything I tried (and didn’t like) along the way. I may have changed the sky 20-30 times before getting here and it will probably change again. I’m building the painting from back to front and I have some foreground ideas that will obliterate some of my recent construction (sniff, sniff). But GNAY/The Buddha knows that clinging will only bring unhappiness and I will embrace the changes to come.



February 06, 2017

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