This painting is almost finished, so let’s go back to the beginning, which is those famous artist cityscapes I showed you last week. I started with Utrillo’s palette, Beckman’s twisted perspective, and Smart’s “urban stillness”. In an attempt to evoke Hopper’s “quiet solitude”, I have added long shadows and empty streets. The steam clock belching smoke is partly E.J. Hughes and partly GNAY. The modified statue, the Woodward’s, sign, the beer barrel, and the pee stained wall (very subtle – you don’t want to scare tourists) are all pure GNAY. All in all, a pleasing whimsical depiction of Gastown, with a muted “thought provoking edge ™”, which I will use as a club, and hit you over the head with tomorrow. NOTE: for GNAY insiders only! No sharing with the “genpub”.


February 09, 2017

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