Antiques Roadshow 2025

Fiona: This week we are at Vancouver’s Kerrisdale Arena where we have uncovered some interesting local finds.

Nigel: What have you brought us today?

Visitor: It’s an old picture I found in my basement. I doubt it has any value, but since you were in town, I thought I would bring it in.

Nigel: Well, I’m glad you did! This is an early acrylic on board painting by local artist GNAY. Although he struggled as a painter while alive, after his death in 2021 (heart failure in a Paris bathtub), interest in his work has greatly increased.

Visitor: Show me the money!

Nigel: It’s a charming still life. Brush in the glass of scotch – oops – HaHa! At auction, I suspect it would fetch upwards of $187,000. Do you remember what you paid for it?

Visitor: Wow! I bought it in 2004 on EBAY for $90.

Nigel: Well done! Thanks for bringing it in.


July 31, 2017

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