SUSPECT #1: Robert Bateman. I’m not a police detective, but you may recall, I did play one on a short lived (but critically acclaimed) CBC series, “Homicide – Artist on the Beat”. 1 While on that set, I did learn a thing or two about crime fighting and the importance of motive. You have to ask yourself, “who has the most to lose if GNAY rises to number 1?”- Answer: The current number 1. Robert Bateman is a legend in Canadian art. He is the top of the top, he has won a gazillion awards, and even has a school named after him! He is definitely number one, but he’s looking over his shoulder, and here comes the wildebeest (GNAY). I think the painting says the rest. Peck. Peck.

1. “Art of the Day” April 22 - 26


October 18, 2016

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