CBC NEWS Friday November 3, 2017: The city of Vancouver was reduced to a smoldering mess following yesterday’s “World Series of Art” riot. Trouble started at the free post parade beer garden when Norwegian art hooligans, chanting “Munch, Munch, Munch!”, scuffled with local GNAY art lovers. Before long, a full melee ensued, as normally placid art aficionados came to blows over art styles and movements. Soon dumpsters and police cars, tipped over and torched, littered the streets, rendering efforts of first responders useless. GNAY himself was toppled from his elephant mount and was last seen being dragged down Denman Street, bloodied and bruised. Officially, the famous local artist is listed as missing, but most pundits are predicting the worst. Prices for GNAY’s work are expected to soar on this news.


November 03, 2017

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