“Murder, He Painted” – season 1, episode 1 “Body on the Beach

 What kind of person would murder an innocent jogger just for her shoes? Even if they were a sweet pair of “NAY BALANCE – artist 101s”, who would commit such a heinous act? With Olympia in tow, GNAY begins a frantic, sometimes slow motion, store by store search of swanky Robson Street shops (great product placement oppourtunities) looking for his villain. Think greed. Think vanity. Think jealousy. Think “Real Housewives of Vancouver”! Our handsome artist/amateur sleuth has cracked another case (plus tied in another popular TV show for a ratings bonanza)! He finds his culprit (the mean blonde one who has had some work) in the cosmetic department of Holt Renfrew and she is wearing the runners. Play the theme music and roll the credits, as GNAY leads the stoic fashionista out of the store in cuffs.


November 11, 2016

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