Two rival art gangs, “The Batemans” and “The GNAYs”, duke it out on the mean streets of Vancouver’s deserted West Side. With a slew of vacant homes as a backdrop, it’s “Realism” vs “Nouveau Nuts” as the two gangs paint and dance (not easy to do) through a succession of run down land assemblies. Things really heat up when GNAY and Bateman’s daughter (played by Scarlett Johansson) fall in love. Their passion is really tested, when while rumbling, GNAY accidentally stabs ScarJo’s brother with a palette knife! Will this end the senseless violence or ramp it up? Final Scene: The two gangs are seen painting, hand in hand, a huge (realistic but thought-provoking) mural on the hoarding of a new Cambie Street condo tower project. Close curtain.


October 04, 2017

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