BBC world news: Westminster Abbey chosen to host GNAY’s Celebration of life! After considering several venues around the world, the family of the late artist thought The Abbey, with its long tradition of honouring writers and painters, would be a fitting location to celebrate the life of GNAY. World leaders, A-list celebrities, and even the Dalai Lama are expected to attend. The city of London is on Red Alert awaiting throngs of dignitaries, devotees, and mourners from around the globe. In an unprecedented move, the British Royal Family has authorized the entombment of GNAY’s remains in the cloisters between Charles Dickens and Laurence Olivier. This tomb formerly occupied by JMW Turner was recently vacated when that artist’s “19th century studio shenanigans” were brought to light. #MeToo. At the ceremony, the family of GNAY is expected to present the Queen with a painting in thanks.


February 05, 2018

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