Playboy magazine, known for its in-depth interviews of the world’s most notable figures in politics, sports, and the arts, contacted me over the weekend for a “chat.

PLAYBOY: Wow, thanks for doing this interview! As one of the world’s most eminent and well-loved artists, you must have a myriad of media commitments. Why choose us?

GNAY: I looked at some of your past interview subjects and I was quite impressed. Notably: The Dali Lama, Bob Dylan, and Pablo Picasso, and I thought, “Yah, I’m in that league, bring it on.” Plus, I like the pictures.

PLAYBOY: Speaking of pictures, this one, which now hangs in The Art Institute of Chicago, has inspired/empowered many women the world over. What was your motivation for this piece?

GNAY: I was binge watching, “Girls Gone Wild”, and I had a vision of this great painting, so I made it happen (that’s the way I roll) and the rest is history.

PLAYBOY: Beautiful!


July 10, 2017

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