Re: Secret project code named GNAY

All hell has broken loose in the house. Celine is a mess (pictured above). As you can see her meeting with the Martians (yes, their cover is blown), didn’t go well. Fuming (and he doesn’t get mad easily), the Dalai Lama and Justin Bieber (who may have anger management issues) have gone up to confront the aliens. Jay Z, squealing like a rat sucking on an onion, has outed me, and my cover is blown. No more Bonbons for you Mr. Z! Fortunately, many of the super-rich and super-smart house guests/attendees are big GNAY fans and are happy to have me on board. Time to don my “Papa Bear” hat and sort these potato eating Martians out! Please pass the ketchup and my…

Dispatch terminated


December 14, 2016

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