“Where in the World is GNAY?  Celebrity Chef Edition” – Week 3

Apparently Hollywood celebs don’t increase ratings like they used to, so this week we are hoping to hit a home run with our Celebrity Chef Edition! As well as racing around the globe to find the fount of GNAY’s vision, teams will also prepare tasty meals and snacks enroute. Of course these dishes must be prepared in a ridiculously short period of time with goofy ingredients while using only a camp stove! Iron chef, Rob Fennie (a devout GNAYthiest) was thrilled to participate. Understandably some contestants were quite angry when they discovered this week’s location is long gone and only exists in the mind of GNAY. Oops again. Chef Gordon Ramsey went ballistic, trashing scads of kitchen equipment and ending up on a no-fly list. Too bad for Gord but great for ratings!


August 17, 2016

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