“Where in the World is GNAY?  World Leaders Edition” – Week 5

Due to a recent drop in the polls, Donald Trump and his third and favourite wife, Melania, have agreed to be contestants on the show this week! In fairness, Hilary and Bill will also compete in our race around the world to find the secret location of this whimsical but thought provoking painting. Vladimir Putin and his sexy girlfriend, Natasha (huge GNAY fans), along with Justin and Sophie Trudeau (astute GNAY collectors) will also be along for the ride. This should make for quite a week, as these political heavyweights, replete with private jumbo jets, stretch limos, and diplomatic immunity, risk war as they trample borders and small nations in their quest to find the real GNAY! Lets hope no one, in the first world, gets hurt.


August 19, 2016

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