I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn. - Pablo Picasso

Photography is a unique, creative, and expressive art form. As the saying goes ‘A photograph is worth a thousand words’. A photograph can convey life and nature in a way no words can.

Finch College by Jamal Fitzgerald-

Photography is a real art form that captures the world around us and offers beautiful and one of a kind views by interpreting this world in different and varied ways. Fine art photography in particular represents the vision and intent of the artist. 

Sunset by Debby de Groot -

The personal style of different photographers, as of other visual artists, has enormous impact on the final product. Although most of us have taken pictures of important events in our lives as well as snapshots of everyday occurrences, these images are a far cry from the beautiful and masterly works of a talented photographer. The vision of the photographer can take a mundane subject matter and represent it in a breathtaking and visually appealing way that will be sure to delight the most discerning art collector. Take a look at two great websites that showcase the works of talented photographers.

1)  - This site is devoted to fine art photography from artists in Canada and the world.

2) -  This is another excellent resource for fine art photography. The site directs visitors to some of the best photographs online.

Photography is a constantly changing art form that allows photographers to express themselves in limitless ways and offer art lovers endless choice.

So check out some of Artzila’s talented photographers and discover your love of photography!


January 13, 2014

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