Artzila is very happy to list 5 new pieces by Myron Swistun. These are some of Myron’s earlier works but they are fantastic. Myron is an accomplished Toronto based abstract artist. He has been painting for many years, almost as long as he can remember. His “work comes from an inner psychological and analytical landscape where memory, experience and imagination work together and connect the past, to the present, and the future.”

The viewer must look further than the surface of Myron’s paintings to see the deeper meaning behind his brush strokes. Only then can the viewer see and appreciate the life experiences Myron draws on and different periods of art history he is influenced by.

One of my favourite pieces is Warrior. It breaks down the human form to its most rudimentary elements. For me it reminds me of my first love ancient art, in particular ancient Roman art. Whether this was an inspiration for Myron is not known but that’s what is so great about art. We each draw on our own experiences and passions when viewing and interpreting each piece and see something that is unique to each of us.

Warrior by Myron Swistun -

Myron also teaches workshops where participants will learn to create a painting using abstract means. If you are interested in trying your hand at abstract painting or improving your skills, contact him directly at


January 31, 2014

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