An artist is a person engaged in creating art, in common usage is a practitioner of the visual arts. Artzila’s list of Canadian artists and photographers keeps growing! The media they work in vary, as does their style and technique. They each interpret the world around them in a different way and give us some fantastic works of art in the process.  Although each viewer has their own taste, we are sure that you will find that the work of one or more of our artists will match your individual style.Our artists express their creativity in unique ways that appeal to a wide range of aesthetic sensibilities.  Browse Artzila’s catalogue and discover our artists speaking to you!

Eiffel Tower on a Magical Night by Alan McKee -

Burning Embers by Linda Lagerak -

Queen Anne’s Lace by Hilary Slater -

Church and King by David McIntosh -


February 17, 2014

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