I attended The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair opening gala with my hubby this past Thursday. We had a blast; great music, munchies, drinks, and above all fantastic art. The event was packed with art lovers of all shapes and sizes. It was awesome to see such great support for the arts in Toronto. We had such a great time we went back on Sunday to speak with some of the artists when it was a little quieter or so we thought.



Some images from The Artist Project Opening Gala

We also met with Artzila’s very own Alea Drain, who was one of the exhibitors at the show, as a winner of the UNTAPPED Emerging Artist contest. She sold one of her original pieces ‘Squid and her Babies’ so we are very excited for her. She will hopefully be producing many more works of art so keep an eye out for this one our website.


Me and Alea Drain at her booth                           Something for the kiddies

We went through the show a few times trying to decide among a number of artworks we loved, but in the end we walked away with a piece entitled Crown Graphic by Jeff Turner ( We can’t wait to have it delivered and hang it on our wall. We also met numerous artists with very unique pieces that we hope they will feature with us at Artzila. Check back with us often for new art from them and other Canadian artists…


February 24, 2014

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