I always believed that the arts, whether visual or performing, was highly subjective and individual. I was always sure that people like a work of art both because of its merits and also because of their own individuality. But is this fully the case? This study seems to indicate that perhaps there are other factors at play. Granted the test subjects were teenagers, and we all know that this age group is still developing their own sense of style and who in essence they are as people and so are far more susceptible to peer pressure.  I think we are all guilty of going with the majority just to fit in at some point in our ‘teenagehood’. But does the desire to fit in ever truly dissipate completely. Are we, as adults, to some extent influenced by the choices and tastes of our peers? I would like to think that once we outgrow that awkward stage we make our own decisions, about what we like or dislike particularly in the arts. But when people like Kim Kardashian and the Real Housewives of whatever place, for example,  are so overwhelming popular, I somehow tend to think that people of any age are very susceptible to going with the flow just because it’s what everyone else is doing. After all if you didn’t watch last night’s episode of Duck Dynasty, you will be dumbfounded to add anything to the proverbial water cooler discussion the next day.  These are just my thoughts….the article is worth a read and a ponder at any rate. 


March 24, 2014

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