Artzila has a wonderful new artist to introduce.  Yana Yablonovsky was born in Czechoslovakia but since 1989 she has made her home in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.  Some of Yana’s greatest influences in her art are her fellow Slovak artist, Andy Warhol, and E.R. Togle, a Filipino artist and creator of Positivism. This Filipino influence is especially evident to me in some of Yana’s work.

Diane White by Yana Yablonovsky -

Yana also illustrates a children’s book and has frequent exhibitions in the Ottawa area. If you are not from the Ottawa area, or even if you are, and want to own some of Yana’s very colourful and unique pieces, you can purchase her wonderful artwork from Artzila.

Bird by Yana Yablovonsky -


April 07, 2014

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