Artzila is very happy to welcome Eileen Tichauer as our newest artist.  Eileen grew up in New York City but has been based in Toronto since 1980.  Eileen studied art at Long Island University, primarily as a printmaker. She creates her pieces as if she is completing a puzzle, balancing the flow of colour and shape. She begins each piece with a colour palette and basic form and creates movement and harmony.

Celestial by Eileen Tichauer -

Eileen is influenced by the vibrancy of her surroundings, the vitality of the cities she inhabits. Her pieces are abstract but clearly are map-like overviews of buildings and roads reflecting the dynamic environment around her using a playful and distinctive style.

Centreville by Eileen Tichauer -

Introducing Eileen Tichauer



April 21, 2014

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