Artzila is very happy to welcome Joseph Bangsund as one of our featured artists. Joseph hails from rural Saskatchewan  but is now  a Montreal based contemporary artist. Joseph showed talent at an early age which he pursued at the University of Regina and then at the Fine Arts program of Concordia University.


Apostrophe by Joseph Bangsund - 

Joseph’s creations are an abstract study of structure. Joseph layers his work, and through this creates depth and dynamic perspectives to his pieces. He works in mixed media so that his resultant pieces seem to evoke life and movement and create a unique experience for his viewers.

Nuance  by Joseph Bangsund -

Joseph has also collaborated with Montreal fashion designer, Yves-Jena Lacasse (Envers) who featured Joseph’s dripping multi-layered ind and acrylic forms. This “wearable collection” as well as some of Joseph’s paintings were showcased at Montreal Fashion week and in the designer’s boutiques.

Joseph has had solo and group shows and has work in private collections.


May 02, 2014

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