Eryk Harvie has just joined Artzila as our newest young artist.  Eryk is an Oakville based up and coming artist.  He has completed the Visual and Creative Arts program at Sheridan College.  Eryk describes himself as an “artist and spiritualist” who is fortunate to have “experiences and natural perceptions”. He can feel, sense, and hear ‘Energy’ around him and wants to share his experiences with his viewers.

Feather by Eryk Harvie -

Eryk currently likes using graphite, pens, watercolours, and inks to get his ideas out quickly and effectively. He is heavily inspired by thinkers before him, like Leonardo DaVinci.  He is currently exploring digital integration with traditional media to add dimension to his work.

Dia by Eryk Harvie -

Eryk’s work featured on Artzila illustrates his spirituality and talent.  His beautiful images are colourfully lively and serene at the same time. 


May 07, 2014

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