After almost 75 years, Ayn Rand’s very much anticipated sequel to “The Fountainhead,” is finally here! GNAY is a new breed of artist and he’s doing it his way, and doesn’t care what others think. With a stylus in one hand and a bottle in the other, GNAY portrays buildings in a whimsical style, with little or no regard for architectural detail or integrity. He wears his lack of formal training as a badge of honour, while “the art establishment” rejects him, again, and again, and again. Sparks really fly when our hero realizes that the love of his life (who is young and hot) doesn’t believe in him either! With his ego as his only weapon, will GNAY get off the mat and stick to his whimsical guns, or will he be lost to the lure of convention? You will laugh, you will cry, and you will cheer as GNAY shows us there is indeed an “I” in art!


April 19, 2017

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