Using Art as Meditation by Pawel Wegrzyn

For the Creator

I have been fascinated all my life about how things work, especially the mind.  It usually is people's best friend and worst enemy, although the latter seems to dominate more often than not.  For artists, it is definitely no different, even worse sometimes, since being an artist is usually pretty isolated and could get depressing, if that is all that you do.  In order to not check yourself into a mental institution  due to all of the thoughts that your mind is conjuring up, it is important to use your art form as a meditation, not a means to an end. If you can really get present in the moment as you are creating your next master piece, you can actually enjoy each step of the process instead of always focusing on the finished product.  This seems to be a missing link, especially today with the younger generation, since we have been conditioned to believe that results are what is the most important, instead of the experience.

For the Observer

If you are just an observer of art, then you too can use art as a meditation.  Just by being with it and observing it from a non-judgemental/labeling point of view, you can feel the art move you internally without your mind distorting it.  This is a wonderful way to connect to the art from a greater dimension and really experience what the artist was trying to communicate in the piece

Pawel Wegrzyn

(Guest BLOG)


Introducing Pawel Wegrzyn

Artzila is excited to introduce our newest artist, Pawel Wegrzyn. Pawel is a fantastic up and coming Canadian artist based in Mississauga, Canada.  In his own words Pawel is a” Kreative Thinker, Cre8tor, and Entrepreneur. Read More...


Live with Art You Love!

We have created some images of some of Artzila's prints in lifestyle settings to help our customers visualise our beautiful artwork in their homes. We hope you are inspired to buy some of our prints and live with art you love!


Introducing Barry Khan

We are very excited about a fantastic new photographer, Barry Khan, joining Artzila. Barry is a young, up-and-coming Toronto photographer whose images are inspiring.  He captures a wide range of subject matter, many throughout his travels, in a very distinct and eye-catching way. Read More...


For those that think prints are not worth anything…

Apparently ‘art experts’ think they’re worth anywhere from €1000 to €2.5 million or at least that is what this experiment posted on YouTube suggests. In the video a simple IKEA print is placed among ‘real’ art and then museum goers are asked to comment on its meaning and possible worth.  Who knew a simple print from IKEA could garner such appreciation and reaction.  So the moral of the story is if you can’t afford the thousands or millions that some ‘real’ art goes for, you can certainly afford a print that may have the same effect on those who see it. Now imagine having one of the limited edition prints from Artzila’s many talented artists.  It’s the next best thing to owning a piece of art and I think it definitely trumps the mass produced prints from IKEA!


The art of using ART in a minimalist space

There are some great ideas in this article from HOUZZ about how to create a minimalist space. This does not mean a white box but living in a space that is without clutter and so gives the freedom to focus on objects and paintings that you love and would want to highlight. A bold piece of art, like those found on Artzila, are a fantastic way to create a colourful and inviting space. 


New Art Show promising to give Art Toronto a run for it’s money…

So as most art lovers in Toronto know October is Art Toronto time, but this year Canada’s biggest art fair has a new contender in town.  Feature Art Fair promises to provide a more intimate and exclusive option to the ever expanding and sometimes overwhelming venue that has become Art Toronto.  It most certainly has captured the attention of some of Canada’s most significant art galleries nationally and internationally. It also has the backing of the mighty Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo (which by the way if you have not yet visited, please do at your earliest opportunity), which houses one of the most significant North American collections of modern and contemporary art. So I think Feature Art Fair has a great chance of living up to its hype. I am most certainly going to check it out and be the judge for myself as should you!


Introducing Ashley J. Myers

We are very excited to introduce Ashley J. Myers as Artzila’s newest member.  Ashley’s work is simply vibrant, full of life and colour.  Her work reveals a love of nature’s rugged beauty and shows elements of its “quiet resilience” . Read More...


Introducing Patricia Haftar

We are delighted to welcome Patricia Haftar as Artzila’s newest member.  Patricia was born in Toronto but is now a Niagara region based artist.  Patricia’s background is varied, having studied Commercial Art, Food Sciences, and having graduated from Teachers College.  After retirement, Patricia was able to finally focus on her love, art. Read More...