“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso 

We are passionate about ART. Art has the power to move, to inspire and to stimulate.

Our goal at Artzila is to make art accessible to all to enrich your life and beautify your space. We provide you with archival quality, limited edition art and photography prints that are numbered and signed by the artist. We want to connect you to the art that you love, to enhance your space and delight your senses. Our mission is to showcase the work of talented and unique Canadian artists and connect them with you, our customers. We want to help Canadian artists share their talents and earn a living doing what they love while delivering high quality prints to art lovers around the world. We make art available at affordable prices, because we believe that ART should be part of everybody’s life.

The Face Behind the Brand


Artzila was founded by Anna Bart in 2013. I make my home in Mississauga, Ontario with my husband and our children. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Museum Studies in 2003 and before starting Artzila I worked in the museum and gallery design field for almost a decade. Artzila slowly grew from my love of art and my passion for making it universally accessible. I have great plans for its future and I hope you will join me in this exciting journey…

Artzila's Curators


Yasmine Budirahaju is a recent graduate of the Image Art: Photography Studies program from Ryerson University. Although she now resides in Toronto, Canada, Yasmine grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bali is one of her favourite places in the world. Apart from being a photographer and an art history enthusiast, Yasmine likes to paint during her spare time, but she also watches way too much TV.



With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, Brenna Zuest has not only a great appreciation and understanding of all visual media and mediums but also a thriving passion for the vast creations she sees from a multitude of practicing artists. Seeing someone create something new and beautiful is always a joy, and it is her hope that Artzila and its astounding staff can help promising artists of all styles help bring their visions not only to all of Canada, but to all cultures and nations around the world. Art defines not only ourselves but our present society, we should embrace, share and love it in all forms.



With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, Erin Taylor Hartman is currently finishing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in the Criticism and Curatorial Practice program at OCADU. With substantial knowledge in critical theory and art history, she is also a practicing artist and aspiring entrepreneur. One of her greatest passions and goals is to bring emerging talent to the public sphere and to promote local creativity.