The daily toil of being GNAY continued:

3:00 pm -  Safely back in my “art factory” for afternoon painting session. Alizarin crimson (stipple, stipple, stipple), raw umber (slash, slash), chromium oxide green (dab). 3:15 pm – admire work/celebrate (with appropriate beverages). 4:00 pm – sign canvas, call galleries, start bidding war (wipe brow). 5:00 pm – Ink six figure sale to overseas buyer. 6:00 pm – off to the café to treat artist friends to dinner! Beer, red wine, absinthe (in that order). Sign autographs when recognized (always working). 10:00 pm – nightcap(s) and call it a day. 11:00 pm – Brush teeth, set alarm, hit the sack. Repeat.


March 03, 2017

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