WARNING: Not for the casual reader. If you must read on, destroy this and all relevant links after consumption.

Paul told me there will be a big fire. Paul’s dead. A really big fire that will destroy our world but, we can be safe if we follow the “Klee Maps”. They’re called paintings! I can call them whatever I want! Yah, whatever he wants! Yah, whatever! If you look at this painting upside down, you will see the…

Publisher’s Note: It has become clear to us that Mr. Nay has gone off his medication and has suffered a psychotic break. The appropriate authorities have been alerted. Although entertaining, in good conscience we cannot continue to publish and profit from his delusional rantings. Next week, in his place, we are pleased to be offering the following substitute: “Justin Bieber’s Jailhouse Diary”. We hope you can join us.


November 24, 2017

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