Audio Tour # 2: We now move from “Dream Kitchen” to “Dream Houses”, GNAY’s seminal work from 2014. Once thought to be a fanciful diorama of the young GNAY at play on a Birch Bay beach, is now known to be an expose of his often-troubled youth. Japanese tsunami debris, skeletal driftwood, and a bottle of scotch ominously cry for help. The family “cabin” looms over the young and petulant artist’s (aged 10) driftwood shanty, where he was known to have been exiled, often for weeks at a time. Left to forage for food on his own, the young GNAY (again, aged 10) often put himself to bed with an empty stomach, save a wee dram. Sad stuff makes great art.


February 15, 2017



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February 17 2017

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