Act 1: GNAY might be struggling as an artist, but he’s got great hair. Sing it “Long beautiful hair, shinning, gleaming, steaming, flaxen waxen, beautiful hair…” It’s the 1960s and GNAY is making art for art’s sake in a cross country, LSD fueled, magic bus, road trip. Director note: Insert many slow motion GNAY hair tosses plus gratuitous hippie (girl) nudity during the boring singing.

 Act 2: Like all good things, the carefree, long haired, free lovin’ times must come to an end and our hero must conform. He gets a crewcut and starts making art to make money, with Vancouver landmark landscapes, that pander to tourists. Final scene: With the old gang singing “Let the Sunshine in”, GNAY, with short hair, a briefcase, and in a navy-blue suit slowly walks (back) into a gleaming Howe Street office tower. Close curtain, hand out hankies.


October 05, 2017


Lee Sanger:

Totally a Lloyd-Webber production worthy musical!

October 08 2017

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