Cellblock “G” Art, Wine, Cheese Symposium – GNAY, Giacondi, Gorgonzola

Gentlemen. First, a special thanks to warden Glynn for allowing our death row brothers to join in today. An appreciation of fine art, wine, and cheese is one of the few things you can take with you. Have a great next life guys! Now, today, a humble wine for a humble artist. At just $8.95 a litre, this budget sangiovese merlot nicely compliments GNAY’s commitment to make original art affordable for all. With hints of cotton candy and unicorn musk, this “whimsical” red both delights and intrigues. Now, add a firm gorgonzola with a “thought-provoking” edge, and a blissful marriage of food and art is consummated on your palate. Calm down gentleman! Please don’t rush the stage! There’s plenty for everyone! Inmate Bateman is that a shiv in your hand? Guard! Guard! Where are the guar…


February 23, 2018

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