CNN BREAKING NEWS: Shock and awe! On the eve of his Westminster Abbey Celebration of Life extravaganza, the humble and well-loved Canadian artist was spotted alive and well, quietly enjoying a cold beer in a Belfast pub. Previous reports of GNAY’s death were predicated on a Monterey morgue mix up, where the famous artist was mistaken for a homeless (but handsome) dead dog walker. After receiving nine stiches, for a nasty cut, at a southern Californian hospital, GNAY was released and he immediately embarked on a bucket list, three-legged, Irish Pub crawl. The well-loved artist was shocked to hear of his impending memorial service and is turning it into a big party! The planned horse drawn carriage, casket procession, will now feature GNAY at the reins! What a guy! Signed and numbered, limited edition, memorial pamphlets now available at


February 09, 2018

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