“Murder, He Painted” – season 1, episode 1 “Body on the Beach

GNAY’s frantic viewing of previous paintings reaches a fever pitch (think Carrie Mathison’s deranged investigation wall scenes in “Homeland”), when suddenly the accomplished artist has an “aha” moment (think light bulb). Who would kill an innocent jogger on Vancouver’s busy English Bay Seawall? Since he has no paintings of angry spandex wearing cyclists, he concludes the murderer must have been a rival jogger or a deranged fashionista, intent on owning a pair of NAY BALANCE sneakers. The kissing coppers confirm that the dead jogger’s shoes are missing. That’s all our ruggedly handsome artist needs to hear, and like Hercules descending Mount Olympus, GNAY decamps his mountain studio with Olympus. I wouldn’t want to be the bad guy!


November 10, 2016

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