Dinner with GNAY- week 4: French fries (pommes frites)

Guy and the gang at the network want to see a little more cooking and a little less me, so today I will jump right in. French Fries! Yum, yum! Wash and peel four, peewee football sized, Russet potatoes. For safety always peel away from yourself. (Hurry up) Take a sharp knife and start by cutting each spud in half lengthwise, like this. Oops! I nicked my finger. (Get a Band-Aid on it) It’s just a scratch, but is bleeding a bit, which gives me a great oppourtunity to talk about kitchen safety. (Hurry, you’re getting blood on the food!) My “nick” now looks like more of a “gash” and is spurting a bit. Fashion a crude tourniquet out of your apron and wrap the wound tightly. It’s amazing how fast you can bleed out from a small slit, which reminds me of a story: Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan… (Cut! Call 911!) Bon Appetit...



February 01, 2018

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