ARTZILA Caterers for the GNAY Celebration of Life ceremony, to be held at London’s trendy Westminster Abbey this Saturday, are being told, “spare no expense!” and Head Chef, Giada De Laurentiis, is doing just that! Multiple buffet stations are to ring the abbey with each table emulating a famous still-life painting. Chef Jaques Pepin, tasked with the “Cezanne” station, is thrilled to be honouring the famed French impressionist while at the same time feeding grief stricken GNAY mourners. Vendors at the Notting Hill Farmers’ Market say Chef Gordon Ramsey is in absolute furry (and not to be trifled with) as he storms from stall to stall sourcing square apples and pyramidal pears for his “Picasso” themed dessert bar”. It looks like Giada’s vision of a “whimsical, but thought-provoking” smorgasbord is coming to fruition! Yum, yum.


February 07, 2018

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