GNAYgallery – The Andy Warhol Experience

You enter an elevator and are handed a pair of oversized sunglasses and a micro dose of purple micro-dot LSD. When the doors open you’re in New York and it’s 1965.

You spill into Andy Warhol’s mid-town art factory. A crayon is thrust into your right hand, a martini into your left. The fellow beside you, from the elevator, is now Bob Dylan and the two of you are put to work colouring a large head shot of Marilyn Monroe. FLASH. Now you are sitting on a couch listening to Lou Reed perform “Walk on the Wild Side” while you view a panorama of “Death and Disaster” photo-paintings. FLASH. Now sitting at a kitchen table. You are served Campbell’s tomato soup and a small white pill. Debbie Harry, sitting across from you says, “Yum, yum.” FLASH. David Bowie now takes you by the hand and leads you back to the elevator. The silver haired man with the super-8 movie camera says, “your 15 minutes are up” and you are gone. Real, real gone.

 Thanks for coming – please ensure you have a safe ride home.


February 14, 2018

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