Audio Tour # 3: You are now standing in front of what is thought to be the finest example from GNAY’s “Trading Period”. This was a time of great stress and anxiety for our hero (GNAY), but also produced many great artworks, including this one. They say, “pressure makes diamonds”, and GNAY produced a lot of gems during this period. Juggling a successful investment career with a growing art following (cult-like), the artist spent many sleepless nights akimbo on the living room couch. Many of his greatest paintings (and trades) were conceived half asleep in an insomniatic trance, like the one pictured here. As the pressure cooker of GNAY’s life reached a fever pitch, something had to give, and thankfully for us today, creativity trumped greed, and the mature GNAY emerged from his cocoon.


February 16, 2017

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