PLAYBOY: We know you used to be a very active stock trader and had a few sleepless nights when you were a little over exposed. Now that you are a famous and super rich artist, does anything keep you awake at night?

GNAY: I feel kind of bad for some of my friends and associates who early on never took my work seriously and are spending their lives in front of the TV instead of “tripping the light fantastic” with me in Monaco or Gstaad. They laughed when I said I would be famous. Now I’m laughing all the way to the (left) bank. HaHa!

PLAYBOY: And on the flip side, any happy stories you would like to close with?

GNAY: Back in 2017, I was doing a local craft fair (imagine GNAY doing a craft fair!!!) and a struggling single mother, with a rash and a toddler, pressed a couple of crumpled, sweaty twenties into my palm and walked away with one of my limited-edition prints. Years later she sold that print and raised enough money to put her son through university. That toddler went on to find a cure for cancer.

PLAYBOY: A beautiful story! I’m sure you have many more. Thanks for spending the week with us.


July 14, 2017

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